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FRP In-House Metrology Capabilities

Werth Scope Check Multi-sensor CMM

Optical / Touch probe
400 x 200 x 200mm area Maximum Permissible Error (MPE) comparable to ISO 10360/VDI VDE 2617:

a) Optics: On measuring stage level: MPE all positions:
E1xy:(2,5+L/120)μm E2xy:(2,9+L/100)μm E3: (3.9+L/75)μm 

b) Probe: E3: (3.9+L/75) μm PS/PF: 3.9 μm THN: 4.5 μm
THP: 4.5 μm Temperature range: 20°C +/- 2K
Temperature gradient: 1 K/h, 1K/m
Environmental air: Humidity 40% - 70% rel.humidity,
Oilfree, Table load: 20kg max.
8kg for specified MPE Scale resolution: 0,1 μ

FRP's Smash proof glass

Rapid Manufacturing Consultancy FRP launched their new Smash-Proof Pint Glass at the Annual Elgood’s Beer Festival in Wisbech on Saturday.  Working in partnership with the Directors at Elgood’s North Brink Brewery and Eastman Chemical Company

FRP’s Nick Osborn finally realised a long-held dream of a proper Smash-Proof Pint Glass which was fit for purpose, injection-moulded in Eastman’s Tritan™ copolyester material.

The high strength engineering polymer glasses were given the thumbs up by seasoned real ale fans – being super tough; dishwasher safe and BPA free makes Tritan™ the obvious choice for a safe drinking experience, whatever your environment.

Managing Director of Elgood’s Brewery Belinda Sutton summed up the day:

“Thanks to FRP’s Smash-Proof Pint Glass visitors to this year’s Festival were able to wander anywhere around our four acres of grounds and gardens in complete safety and enjoy their beer wherever they wanted.  On a sunny day what could be nicer than being able to sit outside with a nice cool drink?  We are really proud to be associated with new innovations like this, which improve safety for our customers without compromising their enjoyment of our beers.” 

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