About Us

FRP first started business late 2000 and became a Limited Company early 2001. Originally registered as Fenland RP Ltd and trading under the name of FRP. Our sole aim in business is to offer you the customer the best solution to your problem in terms of Fast Real Parts.

FRP was founded by the late Colin Clark on his twenty years experience of delivering success by focusing on the customer, rather than the technology. Colin was joined in 2003 by current MD Nick Osborn, who has been in the Rapid Manufacturing industry since 1992.

With the support of other team members FRP has grown to a combined industrial experience of 50 years, becoming a respected supplier of all forms of Rapid Technologies from around the world, successfully delivering projects from high precision medical assemblies to large scale marine products.

FRP is fiercely technology-independent, a fact which enables us to be truly objective when it comes to advising you on the best rapid development options for your new products. By working with a core group of specialist niche market manufacturers from around the world we enable you to access best in class quality and value via a single source.

The Future

FRP is the customer interface and project manager for manufacturers both here and overseas; some are small dedicated groups of niche market suppliers such as our Scandinavian glass prototyping company and our metal forming partners here in the UK, while others are large tooling manufacturers with resources which allow them to develop their own Rapid Tooling systems such as the FDT process, originally developed by LG Electronics of Korea.

FRP will continue to source, prove and supply leading time compression technologies from around the world. Offering you, the customer, what you actually need as opposed to what others may wish to sell you.

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